Master Lee will be away to London from 7/12/18 to 16/12/18. Will only be able to get back to you when I am back or once I have access to good wifi and my laptop. Sorry for the inconvenience caused and there is some delay in the services. Thank you so much for your understanding.


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Fortune Reading (Bazi)  八字算命

Face to Face Consultation

  • RM238 per person (face to face personal consultation in chinese)
    RM238 与李大师面对面中文讲解
  • RM258 per person (face to face personal consultation in english)
    RM258 与李大师面对面英语讲解

Master Lee prefers e-consultation which is more environmental friendly.
Please click the link here for e-consultation.



Email us or call/sms us 6012-4713983 with the following detail:
  1. Date of your birthday (Inclusive of the hour of birth)
  2. Gender
  3. If you have married, how many children you have?
  4. Inform us your career to match with your Ba Zi.
  5. Report in Chinese or English?
  • Then, detailed study to be done by Master Lee.
  • Duration: 1-2 Weeks
  • An appointment to be arranged for explanation of the detail.
  • Payment preferably in the form of angpow.

Nowadays due to my tight schedule, I m trying to reduce face-to-face consultation. If you visit my official website , you will find the i-con of “e-consultation” in almost all the pages. YES, I M DOING MY PART AS PART OF THE COMMUNITY TO SAVE THE EARTH. I always encourage online bazi consultation, e-Chinese name study, e-class and e-books whereby you do not have to travel to meet me which save your time, money, petroleum, car maintenance and etc. There are so many benefits that we can list out. But, many still say that they like to meet up with me so that they can understand in more detail. I agree but I WISH YOU CAN UNDERSTAND MY PROBLEM AS I AM WORKING ALONE TO MINIMISE ALL THE OPERATION COST SO THAT I CAN CHARGE MY CLIENTS THE MINIMUM FEE. THIS MAKES MY SCHEDULE TIGHT.