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  • Full time Professional Feng Shui, bazi, and Chinese Name studies Consultant. For approximate 15 over years.
  • First Class Honours Degree in Mechanical Engineering from University Strathclyde, United Kingdom.
  • Former engineer and manager of multinational companies MNC.
  • Oriental astrology blogger (Click here)
  • Oriental Astrologist books writer.
  • Trainer and speaker.
  • CARI Forum writer (Click here)

Master Lee Cheng Hoe is an engineer by profession, with a First Class Honours degree in Mechanical Engineering from an established university in the United Kingdom, University of Strathclyde with a scholarship. He used to be an engineer and manager with an MNC. Currently Master Lee is a full time Feng Shui consultant as well as an active blogger, maintaining a blog that features a handful collection of Chinese astrology information. Master Lee is also well known as an author, speaker and trainer in oriental astrology.

Master Lee is born into a family in Penang, Back in Chung Ling High School, he has demonstrated leadership capabilities in societies. Later, he successfully furthered his studies in UTM. He was also awarded scholarship to pursue his degree in a university in UK and graduated with First Class honours degree from University of Strathclyde. Master Lee was given the opportunity to further his master program. However, he chose to come back to Malaysia.

Upon graduation, Master Lee has started his research in oriental astrology and he has been in the industry for more than 10 years. Master Lee has published a few books which are available in the form of e-book or physical form in the home page of and a monthly writer of CARI Feng Shui Forum. Master Lee is also a professional Feng Shui speaker, sharing his findings and provide consultation to many corporations in Malaysia and overseas e.g. Standard Chartered Bank, UOB, Ambank, HSBC, Public Bank, Royal Bank of Scotland, RHB, Prudential Assurance, Mah Sing, DnP, SP Setia, Intel, Wawasan Open University, Elken, Citi Gold, Bank of China, BSG, IOI Properties, Nirvana, Plenitude, Popular Book Fair at KLCC Convention Hall etc. Being a professional trainer in Oriental Astrology, he has managed to train quite a number of students. He is also a regular figure in major newspapers such as The Star, New Straits Time etc.

Master Lee was relieved that he managed to help a married lady who has failed in her marriage and nearly committed suicide to begin a new chapter of her life; a young lady who has totally lost confidence, being able to walk out his office confidently after consultation.

"You are very mysterious, this is my secret, how can you possibly know?" This is the most common feedback by his clients. Master Lee explained, "This is not mysterious; our ancestors have already informed us many thousands years ago, without us knowing how to use it. However, I will certainly be glad to provide guidance should we have the fate."

Master Lee said, "In fact, I enjoy more if my clients told me they have benefited from my consultation. It feels so good to see many of my clients have become my close friends eventually. Yes, we need money but money is not everything. You will receive more joy if your help to others is appreciated and you enjoy the respect. The respect that you gain is not because of your money but because of the help that you offer to others."

“A lot of people asked me why I left my profession as an engineer to be a Feng Shui master. I told them repeatedly that after years of exposure on the subject of Feng Shui, I began to find myself intrigued by its relevance to our lives and my love for Oriental Astrology grew deeper. This knowledge is such a treasure and wisdom that passed down by our ancestors.

Mr. Lee CH, a first class engineering degree holder is posting with his faculty dean,
Prof. Dr. John of University of Strathclyde, U.K. in 1993.

Master Lee Testimonials

Master, I can't help but feel fortunate to have been intro to you. i agree when you said in your book or blog somewhere that if we got fate, we will meet. i used to be stubborn in my own decision. But your way of explaining makes it feel to me like. "Oh, why I didn’t think of that?!" :) you are a very kind and generous feng shui master. Hubby and i wish you all the best, good karma will sure bless you for all the help and blessings you so generously bestow your time on others! God bless!
Jenny from Intel

Hi Master Lee,
Wish you a Happy New Year and hope all your resolutions to be done. I wish you post more articles in English so more people can read and learn. Can not wait to see your on-line school!
Elena, California

Thanks, Master Lee. My business has improved. You are my great master!
Ann, KL.

Thank you very much for your interesting Feng Shui talk which is both very informative and eye opener for many of our purchasers.
Mr. Chen, Mulpha Group.

你的blog帮了许多人, 谢谢你的分享.

After meeting Master Lee, I knew what is the true proffessional feng shui. Basically, he can explain all our enquiries scientifically without fail. We have full confidence on him and hope he could continue to assist others with his powerful knowledge and experience.
Mr Voon, Selangor.

Master Lee came to my house for Feng Shui audit a few days ago. I must say that he is very knowledgeable in Feng Shui and very professional. Keep up the great work Master Lee! We will follow your advice and move towards a better future!
Zoe Tam

After reading your book, it was just so simple and straight forward the way you put feng shui analogy to the reader like us.
Ms. Chan

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