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Oriental Astrology is in fact wisdow and treasure that passed down by our ancestors many thousand years ago. We have to promote this knowledge in a scientific way.

A lot of people asked me why I left my profession as an engineer to be a Feng Shui master. I told them repeatedly that after years of exposure on the subject of Feng Shui, I began to find myself intrigued by its relevancy to our lives and my love for oriental astrology grew deeper and deeper each day. This knowledge is such a great treasure and wisdom that has been passed down by our ancestors.

Master Lee Cheng Hoe

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How To Enjoy Your Life With Good Feng Shui?

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Dear Master Lee,
Early this year, I discovered you through your blog. After reading your blog, I now have deeper understanding of feng shui and how it can affect and enhance our live. I recently purchased your latest book of How To Enjoy Your Life With Good Feng Shui. So far I already read and go through the book a few times. It’s interesting to know that simple Feng Shui DIY can have such a big difference in our life.
Sibu, Sarawak
We have enjoyed the course very much and the useful tips that we have learnt from this short course because the lesson that we learnt on the trip was much cos we get to see the real aspect of it and not just theory. That makes it easier to understand as we read the book by Master Lee. Yes, both of us will certainly attend if there is such type of course again in future. We wish to add you to our list of close friend.
Best regards and take care always.
Ben & Annie
Kota Kinabalu, Kelantan
Good blog you have. I believe you love to help others. You did great job with your own blog to show us that you love to help other with what you know. I am going to come to Penang to meet you.
J Chong
Kuala Lumpur
LOL, the 湿土可种小树不可种大树bit is so complicated but yes, I understand them now. To be honest, describing my personalities you are very accurate.
I will try to come and visit you when time is allowed. You have given an in-depth explanation which I have never come across. As an engineer, I appreciate your guidance and I started to see the theory that supports the existence of the oriental astrology.
E Cheong
Kuala Lumpur