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Feng Shui Online Consultation 风水网上考察服务

Please email Master Lee at for the consultation fee details.

Procedure for Online Feng Shui House / Shop Lot / Office Selection or Online Feng Shui Audit Request

You must include the following information in your consultation statement:

Please email Master Lee at :-

    1. Inform us the completion year of the unit if it is a ready built unit. The year of completion for the building is important. Period 7 is 1984-2003 and period 8 is 2004 – 2023. One period is 20 years一运是20年. Please let me know when the year of completion for the building is. You may check with the neighbourhood or the management of the condominium if you stay in a condominium.
    2. We need the direction of your house in degree reading. Please use the digital compass app in your smart phone to screenshot it then email us.
      a) Stand at the main entrance/ main door (for office not on the ground floor, stand at the entrance to the stairs case).
      b) If it is a condominium, then take the direction of the balcony.
      c) If the house is not ready yet, please email us the house layout plan that indicate the direction which means it will contain the compass on the plan that show where is the North.
    3.  Layout Plan 
    4. Please let us have the owner’s date and time of birth (Gregorian “English” Calendar) to match your bazi with the unit. The owner means the main bread winner of the family.​ ​If you rent the unit, then you are considered the owner in this case. Please email me the date and time of birth as soon as possible. (​ ​If I have done the bazi ​reading for you before, please kindly email us the report.​ ​)
    5. Don’t forget to inform me your telephone no too.
    6. Birthday and gender of the people who will occupy the house. For instance, the parents, wife, kids and etc.
    7. Take the pictures of the surrounding and then send to us too (if have).
    8. Do you read Chinese?

Online Feng Shui Audit E-Form

Kindly fill in your information.