The Feng Shui of Taiwan Presidential Building in Taipei

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与北京相比, 台北西有淡水河, 北有基隆河但淡水河有反弓之状, 因此台北风水较弱. 台湾总統府後坐淡水河,水反其後,且坐西向東. 后无靠山. 背向大陸,坐向美国. 无力独立也不敢走向統一.


除此之外, 总統府前后冲路, 形成严重的’穿心煞’, 再加上背后的淡水河有反弓之状, 弓箭射向总統府的背, 因此历任总統都会面对头痛的难题, 缺乏人民強有力的支持.


1912年元旦,中华民国成立定都南京,孫中山先生在南京就任臨時大總統,改江寧府為南京府,「总統府」位於南京市長江路上,背後有玄武湖,北面更有長江纏繞,也是「後水前山」的格局. 明代開國皇帝朱元璋虽定都南京,其第四儿子燕王朱棣经「靖难之役」在南京奪得帝位後,遷都北京奠定大明朝二百七十六年的基業;一九四九年共产黨取得中國政權亦捨南京定都北京,不知是否也有風水考量因素? 宋朝趙匡胤虽統一天下,風水上喜後水前山,后被北方民族從開封打到杭州,最後亡於广东。因此後水前山并非好风水格局.

The Feng Shui of Taiwan Presidential Building in Taipei

Compare with Beijing, Taipei is surrounded by the Tamsui River West and Keelung River at North but the Tamsui River forms the ‘fan gong shui’ bend bow water so it weaker Feng Shui of Taipei.

Please refer to my book what is ‘fan gong shui’ bend bow water .

The Taiwan Presidential Building in Taipei is sitting with the Tamsui River at its back and it is against the theory of ‘back black turtle’ with the water at the opposite direction. Also, it faces the East. It means no patron. It is facing away from the Main Land of China and fronting the United States instead. It causes inability to separate from China but looking for support from the West.

The Taiwan Presidential Building in Taipei was completed in 1919 by the Japanese when Japan ruled Taiwan. It was the official building for the Japanese Governor House. The architectural of the building is according to the idea of the Japanese. It faces the East. East is the direction where the Sun rises. Look at the flag of the Japan and you will know why.

On top of that, the Taiwan Presidential Building in Taipei is located facing a main road and there is another road exactly at the back of the building too. Furthermore, the Tamsui River at the back which form the bend bow against the president residence. It is like an arrow is at the back of the building. It is a very bad feng shui arrangement. This is the reason why all the Taiwan Presidents are facing challenges unceasingly and hard to have the full support from its citizens.



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