A visit to Dubai, triggered me to think of this.

I have just come back from Dubai and have been to the tallest building in the world, Burj Khalifa , it has triggered me to think again about this……

I’m very skeptical to see the world is racing to build the tallest building to ‘touch’ the sky. As what I said before, human being should be very close to the mother Earth. We should in fact touch the ground daily. We are born on the Earth since many thousands years ago and nobody can go against this. Therefore, we should love and respect our mother nature, instead of going against Her. We have to know who the BOSS is. We should not challenge Her by racing to build tallest building to touch the sky.

人一定不能胜天。Don’t play play.

天人地三才, 各就其位, 人总是顶天立地, 天在上, 地在下, 人要脚踏实地, 何必跑到天上去呢?

I do not think Malaysia is doing anything better after we built the tallest building in the world during that time, the KLCC Twin Tower.

Also, it is amazing to see the shapes of modern architecture designs that are out of our imagination and you could actually see some of them are shaped odd like a knife that pointing to the sky. It is nothing wrong that we have to be creative in designing the shape of building according to our human being imagination but please bear in mind that it has to be environment friendly as well. I did share and many those who reside in Kuala Lumpur know exactly what is happening to the buildings that are located facing the sharp point of the TM Tower which looked like a knife!

Bear in mind that in feng shui, we wish to achieve a balance of flow of energy which is defined as qi. We do not wish to obtain qi that is too vigorous or rapid which is considered as too ‘yang’ or too positive in feng shui. It is like if you get a strong shine of hot Sunlight directly to your house daily, that will create inauspicious qi. Vice versa, we also cannot obtain qi which is too ‘yin’ or too negative either. Thus, it is inauspicious if you stay in a bedroom which there is no Sunlight can shine into the room at all, the qi there will be too ‘yin’. It will make you very lazy as it is too comfortable to stay the room. That is the reason why I always advise my clients to hold a house warming gathering to boost the qi when moving into a new house, especially when the house has left vacant for sometimes as the house will become more yin if it has been left empty for ages.

If you are a follower of my blog, I always against the idea of building the tallest building. As we should understand that it is a very important theory in feng shui i.e. Green Dragon, White Tiger, Red Phoenix and Black Turtle 左青龙 右白虎 前朱雀 后玄武. Sadly, I do not see any of these at Komtar. Comparatively, Komtar is the only tall building among other buildings surrounding it; hence it does not have the support or noblemen to assist it. Moreover, as the tallest building in the town, Komtar is too ‘yang’ or it has too much positive energy because when the Sun rises; it will shine on the Komtar first. Komtar is the first building to get the Sun light.

In my article dated December 13, 2008http://penangfengshui.blogspot.com/2008/12/i-was-quite-busy-recently-in-publishing.html, I said:-why did every ex-Chief Minister in Penang lose their power in the election, and had never been able to easily or comfortably retire from their position? Is this going to happen to the existing CM too?

Same concept to the history of the Selangor Menteri Besar which all the MB Selangor have no good ending after the MB office shifted to the current Shah Alam location . Please refer to my articlehttp://penangfengshui.blogspot.my/2014/08/why-all-mb-selangor-have-no-good-ending.html

If you do a research, it is not hard for you know the impact of building the tallest skyscrapers:-

  1. When the then world’s tallest building, the Empire State Building, New York was completed in 1931, the United States fell into a great economic depression.
  2. Chicago built the Sears Tower in 1974 and in the same year, the United States faced an economic recession.
  3. When the Petronas Twin Towers were completed, Malaysia did not turn prosperous because of it. Instead, it fell into a slump.
  4. When Taiwan built Taipei 101 in 2003, its economy suffered a severe blow from the global financial tsunami.
  5. Once, Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building in Dubai was completed, Dubai during that time faced a serious debt crisis right away.

I always against building skyscraper as human should not challenge the Heaven 人一定不能胜天。Don’t play play.

天人地三才, 各就其位, 人总是顶天立地, 天在上, 地在下, 人要脚踏实地, 何必跑到天上去呢?


Everything in this world is talking about ‘balancing’. We do not want the extreme. For instance, a burning hot Sun makes us uncomfortable but neither do we love to stay in a place with -10 degree Celsius. In Chinese, we say 水能载舟也能覆舟 Water can help to sail a boat and if the flow of the water is too strong then it will overturn a boat. We need water but too much of water harm us.



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