Feng Shui Talk for Bank of China 中国银行风水讲座

This is my first CNY feng shui talk for Bank of China but it is my last talk for CNY 2018. I actually lost my voice during the talk but luckily the audience tolerate it and compliment me by saying too bad you lost your voice as it was getting more and more exciting to listen to my talk.

这是我第一次为中国银行主讲的风水讲座,但这也是我最后一次谈论2018年风水。在讲座到一半我突然间失去了我的声音,但幸运的是观众可以包容我,并赞美我说得太棒了,他们说可惜你失去了声音不然将会更棒, 听我的演讲越来越激动人心和精彩。

With BOC Deputy CEO, Mr Huang Lei.

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