Master Lee’s 2020 Prediction Part 2

Strong Earth is Beneficial to the Real Estate Industry 土旺对于地产业是有利的

Continue from Master Lee’s 2020 prediction part 1, here goes the 2020 part 2 prediction.


我们用一个人的生辰八字来拼命 ,因此一个人的生辰八字是非常重要的因为每个人降临人间的时间点将会有个密码 ,收藏着我们的阴阳五行磁场密码。 那么一年的生辰八字要怎么算呢? 是正月初一吗? 答案是’不是’. 要利用那年的立春来算, 立春之后大地回春, 万象更新. 立春是一年的生辰, 2020的立春是 4 Feb 2020 5.04pm , 因此立春之后出生的孩子生肖才为老鼠, 虽然25 January 2020 已经是农历初一. 今年的立春在初十一, 因此今年初十一出生的孩子生肖才为老鼠。

2020 立春八字土强,本命丁阴火,为伤官食神,伤官克官,对政府不利,难得民心。食神强人民陶醉以吃喝玩乐, 因此对于娱乐行业如赌博,电影业, 演唱会, 歌舞劇将有所帮助。伤官食神透出而无制服,土旺对于地产业是有利的,因此马来西亚2020财政预算案允许外国人购买高于60万的房子, 而不是之前一百万。

2020 金也强, 对银行,保险,金融,五金和所有金属有关的行业都会表现得亮眼。而且酉丑相合象征着金融界将会有合并, 很多大机构将会出现贸易联盟。

We use a person’s birth details to calculate his or her fortune (BAZI), hence birthday is very important because each person will have a password at the time he or she comes to the world and collecting our own yin yang 5 elements magnetic code. Then how do you study the fortune (BAZI) for a year? Do you use the first day of the first lunar month? The answer is ‘no’. We use the time of the Li Chun (first day of the spring of that year) to calculate. After Li Chun, the earth will rejuvenate. Li Chun is the birthday of the year. Thereafter the beginning of spring is the entire New Year. 2020 Li Chun is on 4 Feb 2020 5.04pm. Therefore, only after 4 Feb 2020 5.04pm, the child that born is the zodiac of RAT, even though 25 January 2020 is already the first day of the lunar calendar. This year, the Li Chun falls is in the eleventh of the Lunar first month, so the children born in the eleventh day of this year are only rat. Prior to that, are still the pig babies.

The earth element in the 2020 Li Chun BAZI is the strongest among the other elements. Whereas the day master is Ting Yin Fire. Thus, the ‘hurting officer’ and ‘Food God’ are the strongest. The ‘hurting officer’ wounds and hurts the government. It is not good for the government and it is hard to win the hearts of the people. The food gods are intoxicated to eat, drink, and play. For the entertainment industry, such as gambling, the film industry, singing concerts will shine. Strong earth element is beneficial to the real estate industry too. Therefore, the Malaysia 2020 Budget allows foreigners to purchase properties above RM600,000, not the previous 1 million limits.

Gold element in 2020 Li Chun bazi is also strong, and it will be eye-catching for banks, insurance, finance, hardware and all metal-related industries. Moreover, the combination of rooster and ox 酉丑symbolizes that there will be mergers in the financial sector, and many large institutions will have trade alliances.

Annual Flying Star Chart 2020
Annual Flying Star Chart 2020

Annual Flying Star Chart 2020. 2020年九宫飞星图

再看看2020年九宫飞星图,吉星四绿,八白和九紫都在都在西方, 因此西方国家的经济政局都会有好的表现。三碧是非星在北方, 因此西方国家入俄罗斯, 乌克兰等争吵,内乱甚至战事都可能发生。一白吉星在东北因此对在世界东北中國的有利.

七赤入中,凶杀案,权力斗争, 民族冲突, 公司之间的竞争和国家之间的竞争将是不能避免的。


最凶的星, 五黄在东方, 因此在东方的日本和台湾除了将面对天灾人祸, 日本政府可能面对严峻的挑战, 台湾也可能因为总统大选而与中国关系紧张。

Look at the Annual Flying Star Chart 2020 again, four green, eight white and nine purple, all the auspicious stars are all in the West, so the economic situation of Western countries will have a good performance. 3 Jade, argument star is in the north, so the countries in the North such as Russia, Ukraine may have a lot of noise, quarrels, civil strife and even war can happen. 1 white auspicious star is in The North East where the China is, hence, it will help China.

Seven Killing Star enters the middle, murder, power struggle, ethnic conflicts Competition between companies and competition between countries will be inevitable.

The second black disease is in the south, so the southern part of the country may have diseases.

The most inauspicious star, 5 yellow is in the East, so in addition to facing natural and man-made disasters in Japan and Taiwan in the East, the Japanese government may face severe challenges. Taiwan may also be in tension with China because of the presidential election.

2020 Prediction

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