The important advice that you cannot miss before 4 Feb 15

2015年立春 Chun 4 Feb 15 12.09pm is the actual day and time for us to enter into the year of GOAT, not the 1st day of Chinese New Year 19 Feb 15 正月初一. Thus, the baby who is born after 4 Feb 2014 12:09pm is a goat already.

In general, it is a very good year for those are born in the year of dragon and tiger but bad for those who are born the years of ox and goat. They should go to the temple or church before li chun 4/2/15 to pray for good fortune and it is helpful to dispel the disturbance of the fearful stars.

During “li chun” 4 Feb 2015 12:09pm, please kindly clean your house and yourself.  Please switch on all the fans and lights to activate the qi. Don’t forget to pray to the Heaven. Go to the bank and bank in some money for yourself to enhance your wealth luck.

For those who are born in the years of ox and goat, you may expect some changes to your life. Please stay optimistic, positive and calm towards the changes. You should stay focus and don’t be over-concerned about the changes. Please try to control your temper and avoid unnecessary argument.

It is another year with strong fire in the bazi of li chun 立春 beginning of spring, hence all should try to control your temper and avoid unnecessary argument. Stay clam and practice more good deeds.


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