What to expect in the Year of Pig 2019?

Continuing my earlier posts on the predictions for 2019 pig year,
1. November 4, 2018
Fortune Reading for Malaysia in 2019.

2. October 19, 2018
2019 Pig Year Prediction

From the calculation of the bazi of the Li Chun, the competition among people, countries, and companies is going to be high. The economy war in between the 2 giant elephants, USA and China will continue.

立春八字偏财旺 (Li Chun bazi ‘indirect wealth’ strong), hence this is a year of speculative speculation 投机炒卖especially in the stock market. It is a year of opportunities and risky investment. You will either gain fast or lose quickly. Thus, a lot of times and attentions when you are involving in business investment especially share market. Basically, it is a year for “fast gain money” with high risk.

From the Annual Flying Chart 2019, Star 1 and 9 are at the West and North West, hence USA and Europe economies are going to be good especially the USA. Same theory is applied to the economy performance of Kuala Lumpur, Selangor and Penang.

The bazi of Li Chun is full of【驿马】hence it is a year of travelling or moving, it is good year of automotive and aviation industries汽车航空业. Hence watch up for the stocks related to the automotive and aviation industries汽车航空业. However, it is year of transportation problem as well. It is advisable to purchase more insurance especially travel insurance and be careful on the road and during travels.

Star 6 is at the East, it is good for the economy for the countries at the East such as Japan and Taiwan. Sarawak State Election is soon and hence the Sarawakians are expected to gain benefits.

Star 7 is the South East, it is not good for South East Asia.


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