Feng Shui of Perth, Australia

In feng shui, we always say that “water is money”.

Many thousands years ago, men hunted for living in the forest. Then, men started to do farming and fishing, thus they started to depend heavily on water. The four human earliest civilizations are all next to rivers. After that, men started to learn doing trading and where is the best place to do trading, it is near the water i.e. at the river bank and near the seaside. Men migrated from the forest to flat land and then to the river bank. You will notice that many popular cities are all built next to water such as New York, Hong Kong, Singapore and many more.


Do you know why Africa is the poorest continent among all other continents? It is because comparatively Africa does not have a lot of good water compare to the rest. It is in quite a dried land. However, being the driest continent in the world, Australia is doing well because the water there is really clean.

The Swan River at the City of Perth forms a clean water flow protecting the city. If you refer to my bookhttps://www.penangfengshui.com/index.php?pages=book_enjoyyourlife_ebook page 39, I said the houses are located in an auspicious sector known as the 玉带环抱 yu dai huan bao, a jade belt around your waist. It is like someone hugging and protecting you. Jade belt was a belt worn by ranking officials in the olden China. Hence, if you have a house located at the auspicious sector, your relationship with your family members and people around you will be remarkable and your luck in terms of wealth will be excellent. If you study carefully, the center of the City of Perth is surrounded by the Swan River which ample clean water and it forms玉带环抱 ‘yu dai huan bao’.

Being a biggest country at the South of the world and south hemisphere of the earth, Australia is a super star as the up and coming star 9 that is going to take over star 8 now is at the South of the later heaven bagua. Period 9 is 2024-2043 and now we are at period 8 2004-2023. Australia is a country full of resources and the world is running short of resources hence it is going to be the time for Australia to shine even more brightly in future.

Also, the star 8 is going to be at the South West in 2016 and Perth is located at the South West of Australia is going to be good in 2016.


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