I was quoted by Star Newspaper for saying…..

As for Feng Shui master Lee Cheng Hoe, he said that the Year of Rabbit would be full of romances or “tao hua yun” (luck with the opposite sex).

“It might be a good year for those who are looking for partners or to settle down but for those who are already married, beware of any temptation. There are three other animals in the Chinese zodiac that symbolise romance. They are the rooster, horse and rat, ” he said.

He added that many people have the wrong concept that if it is considered a good year generally, then it is the right time to be married.

“Getting married is not a matter of a good year. It also involves the Ba Zi or the four pillars in the birthdays of the couple.

“We have to analyse these in detail,” he said.

He also advised for a mental attitude in seeing things positively instead of letting one’s life to be ruled by superstition.


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