My Feng Shui Seminar at Public Bank Relau Branch Penang

I had a wonderful a feng shui sharing session in Public Bank Relau Branch Penang this morning.

Thanks a billion Public Bank Relau Branch for inviting me to their branch and thanks Ms. Yeoh, the Branch Manager of Public Bank Relau for giving me a beautiful and lovely souvenir.

Thanks to all the clients of Public Bank Relau and my feng shui ‘supporters’ and friends for listening attentively to my talk. I m delighted to meet Kevin and Pang who I have chatted via Facebook for sometimes but do not have a chance to meet them in person. Of course, I m pleased to meet up Mr Chew, Kevin, Lily and Family who came all the way from Bukit Mertajam and Butterworth. Last but not least, I have Jesse, Tan Kim Heng, Jackie, Swee Chneh, PY, Dr.Kang, Alex and many more there to support me. Also, do not forget to thank some familiar faces who always come and attend my talks whenever I have a talk but they have never approached me to say ‘Hai‘. To those who I could not have a chance to talk to you personally due to the large turn up, please accept my apologies.

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