The Feng Shui of Jakarta Indonesia.

Jakarta, Indonesia a very highly populated city, is a very potential place and it will continue to be a more prosperous city especially when come the period 9 (year 2024 – 2043). With government offices to be moved to Kalimantan, it has lots of potential to shine.

We always say the mountains or the hills control the men and water governs the wealth. It means fertile and beautiful mountains or hills will produce talented and healthier people, whereby clean and good water will make the place wealthier.

I said many times during my speeches that Singapore does not have tall hills and hence, it needs to make the water clean to order to use its wealth to attract talents from overseas to improve the country. Japan has fertile and beautiful mountains or hills and hence Japanese are very hard working, talented, capable and enjoy long life. Please refer to my previous article about the feng shui of Japan and Japan has been voted for many years the country that has the oldest people in the world.

Same theory is applied to Jakarta Indonesia. You would notice Bangkok, Melbourne and Jakarta are located at the bay. My previous article about how auspicious Melbourne is, showed how the water is captured to give wealth to Melbourne and Melbourne is no doubt has been voted for many years the most liveable city in the world.

In period 9, if there is water at the North, there is a great potential to gain lots of wealth. You can find it in Jakarta Indonesia. Please refer to the picture below.

Jakarta is located at a bay with the sea at the North.

Bangkok is located at a bay.

Also, obviously it is not like old time, it is  time whereby more populated countries will excel. It is defined as 风水轮流转 (feng shui does not stop changing)The world keeps on changes and nothing is permanent in this world. China has been once called the SICK MAN of Asia. Who dare to call him that now?  China has expelled and it is time for India and Indonesia which are closer to the South of the world to fly. The 9 is at the South of LATER HEAVEN BAGUA and this is the future of the world. Australia is also close to the south of the world. No doubt, the future is the battle of resources since the world resource is going to be depleted. Australia still have a lot of resources.

My previous article showed how the theory works.


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