The Feng Shui of Singapore part 1

The Feng Shui of Singapore part 1



It is my pleasure to visit Singapore again to feel the power of water there. In feng shui, we said 山管人丁水管财 Hill controls the people and water governs the wealth. Basically, Singapore is located on a piece of flat land and you can hardly see any hill there, thus, Singapore has to depend heavily on its water as there is no hill to be depended on. The Singapore Government has done an excellent in clearing the Singapore River as it is one of the ‘main doors’ of Singapore. The location of the Merlionwhich is the combination of a lion head and the body of fish at the ‘main door’ of Singapore is able to 挡煞 block the undesired qi from entering the country. In fact, I brought back a small Merlion and placed it at the entrance of my main door facing the front to help me to prevent any unwanted qi.

The river bank of the Singapore River has been adequately maintained. Penang Government is attempting to do so to clear the rivers of Penang and the move should be highly supported and appreciated. Nevertheless, the cooperation of all Penangites is very much required. At least, we should not throw the rubbish into the river.

Sands Skypark – new casino in Singapore which looked like a ship in the sky. The ship is facing the direction away from Singapore and not toward the inland of Singapore. This indicates that the Sands Casino is hoping to gain the profit and ship it back to its head office which is not in Singapore.


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