The Feng Shui of Singapore Jewel Airport

Singapore Jewel Airport Feng Shui

机场是这个国家的门户,就像房子的大门。 它也像一个人的嘴。
想象一下,无论你吃什么,都会通过你的嘴进入你的身体。 如果你吃健康的食物,你的身体会健康。 然而,反之亦然,它也会影响您的健康。 如果经常吸烟和酗酒,也会影响您的健康。 因此,嘴对于人来说是重要的,并且相同的概念应用于房屋和机场。 因此,机场和港口是彷彿一个国家的大门。
新加坡珠宝机场拥有最高的人造瀑布,可以激活新加坡之门。 太棒了!
我注意到香港机场,泰国机场, 上海机场等的磁场也很棒.
The airport is the gateway of the country and it is like the main door of the house. It is also like the mouth of a person as well.
Imagine whatever you consume will go through your mouth into your body. If you consume healthy food, your body will be healthy. However, it is versa vice then it will affect your health as well. If you smoke and drink alcoholic often, it will affect your health too. Hence, mouth is important for the person and same concept is applied to a house and airport. Thus, airport, and harbour are the doors where the Qi will come in a country .
Singapore Jewel Airport with the tallest man-made waterfall is auspicious to activate the Qi of the door of Singapore. Awesomely done!
I noticed the Qi at the Hong Kong airport, Thailand Airport, Shanghai Airport and etc are auspicious too.


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