The Feng Shui of Singapore part 3

The Feng Shui of Singapore part 3

I received the article about the feng shui of Singapore from a friend of mine and feel some of the points are quite logical and hence I did some amendments and post it here to share with you.

Ever wonder why Singapore is known as a Garden City?
If you were to look at Singapore from the top, Singapore resembles a crab, with its mouth the Singapore River and its back facing Malaysia.
We all know that cooked crab (that means dead crab) is red, the colour of barren ground. But a live crab is basically a dark shade of green. So, by planting trees, you make Singapore look green and not red, and therefore alive.
Earlier, I said in my blog that the one dollar coin displays a bagua, symbolic octagonal (8-sided) object and bagua is a powerful tool in feng shui and look at the road tax label and the country’s fifty dollar bill, do you see a bagua too?
I m thinking that if the Singapore Government could believe in feng shui which I always regard it as a Chinese ancient powerful science and made Singapore a highly recognised country in the world even though it is only a small island. Why doesn’t the Penang Government follow their footstep and hire a group of renowned feng shui masters to help making Penang to shine brightly like Singapore. Of course, this group of feng shui masters does not include me.
Honestly, smart like specialist doctors, professional engineers, renowned entrepreneurs and etc came to me for solutions because they appreciate the ancient powerful science. Thus, nothing can stop me from sharing the great knowledge with others even though I do not like to force anyone to believe in it. Come to me if we are fated. Thank you very much.


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