The Feng Shui of Resort World Casino, Singapore (part 1)

The Feng Shui of Resort World Casino, Singapore (part 1)

Singapore Universal Studio at night

“Space Elephant” at one of the entrance into the casino.

It was indeed a fruitful trip to Singapore whereby I have managed to meet up with some of my ex-university classmates, Chung Ling High School mates, conducted a few feng shui audits and met many great people there.

I have managed to spend sometimes to analyze the feng shui of the Resort World Casino and would like to share with you some of my findings.

Firstly, we understand that in feng shui, water is money and if you look at the ‘space elephant’ which is placed right in front of the entrance of the casino, the ears are big but the legs are long and thin. It is because if you refer to my book page 22, the table of the Later Heaven Bagua (It is a very crucial table), we relate our human organs to the 5 elements:-
1. Water element – ears, kidney, bladder… these are the organs that contain water.
2. Plant element – leg, hand, liver…..
3. Earth element – stomach….AND ETC
This is because we relate the natural phenomenon as human being 天人合一
Obviously, the Resort World Casino would like to have lots of money (water), thus, ears of the “Space Elephant” are big while the legs are thin and the stomach is relatively small. It is due to the facts that leg is plant element and stomach is earth element. Plant will reduce the energy of the water 洩 and earth clashes the water 克.
Instead, there is a triangle metal plate on top of the elephant. It is because triangle is the shape of the fire element as the shape of the fire is triangle. Please check the shape of the fire when you burn some thing. It is triangle, right? 我克者为财 It is wealth. Whereas, metal (gold) element grows water.

Also, when I measured the direction of the elephant, it faces 212 degree which is the 风水井 wind water well (feng shui well), hence the elephant is getting water from the well!

Please stay tuned for “The Feng Shui of Resort World Casino, Singapore (part 2)”


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