The Feng Shui of Resort World Casino, Singapore (part 2)

As what I have promised earlier, here goes the other part of my findings about the Resort World Casino in Singapore.

The Space Elephant (Please refer to my earlier post on 28 Nov 2011)

Water is money and gaming or gambling industry is an industry of water element as per I have mentioned earlier. You will notice that at the entrance to the casino where the Space Elephant stands, there is a landscape of beautiful water flow and the water of the water flow is flowing towards the entrance. Thus, money is flowing into the Resort World Casino. The Space Elephant is helping to ‘suck’ the water.

The waving shape of the Resort World’s logo is a symbol of water irregular shape and you can find an alphabet ‘M’ which stands for MONEY! It is an Excellent feng shui design for a logo!

Do you notice the shape of knife on top of the escalators that lead you to the main entrance of the casino? They ‘chop’ you before you enter into the casino.

The blades look like knives as well.


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